How to increase hair density without Medicines

It is a myth that only men have to face the problem of hair loss in women is a common problem. Hereditary factors are the main factors that cause hair thinning.People the same pattern of hair loss, the hair loss problem is seen with parents or grandparents.
Hair Exposure to dust, pollution, chemicals, etc. damages the hair and contributes to the thinning hair and hair loss. Stress and unhealthy eating habits are also major factors that cause thinning hair.Many natural thick hair to get and the need to take medication for any of these methods are not available.
Oil Massage : The best way to increase hair density naturally like olive oil and coconut oil to your scalp and head massage with oil by. Oil that is applied hot and should be applied on the scalp in circular motions. After oiling, as the mesh should be wrapped in a warm towel around the hair moisture and helps in hair growth.
Healthy eating : Hair, like the body needs a healthy diet which minerals and vitamins. A well balanced and healthy diet that will help is a long and shiny hair. Diet of vegetables and fruits, eggs, dairy products, eggs, etc. The inclusion of a protein-rich diet is good for hair growth. 10-12 glasses of water daily helps the body hydrated, which keeps getting thicker hair.
Fair hair : Scalp and hair to help increase hair density should be kept clean. Every day can be damaging to hair shampooing the hair, the hair should be washed two to three times a week. Hair should be washed with cold or hot water, warm water should be used instead. Hair should be washed using a mild shampoo. One should be careful before buying a shampoo.
Low Style : Children should be allowed to develop naturally. Straighteners, blow dryers and curlers use due to excessive heat can damage the hair.
Above plus many other natural products which can be applied on the hair to help hair growth are. These any chemicals which result in hair breakage to Rome and can not cause damage. Having thick hair without drugs is not very difficult, after all that is needed is something that will help in the development of long and beautiful hair.

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